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How to pack your product correctly

It is proven that the packaging of any product directly affects its sales. This applies to both physical and digital products. Product packaging design is an important and uncomplicated process. In this article, let’s look at the basic principles of creating packaging for your product.

Knowing your brand’s history and how it relates to your product is key to creating compelling packaging. It’s worth focusing on the design of the layers of packaging that will gradually move your customer from getting to know the product to buy it.

Packaging should be easy to use

Your packaging should not only stand out from the crowd but also be easy to use. Product packaging that is difficult to open can leave a negative impression of your product and your brand.

Make sure the packaging is easy to open and give a detailed description of how to use your product.
Make sure the packaging is easy to open and give a detailed description of how to use your product. The text should be simple and helpful.

Make sure the packaging protects the product from damage

Making sure your product is delivered safely is a key part of packaging design. Everyone likes to receive a package in one piece, given the current demand for home delivery of any product.

Pay special attention to choosing a color palette for product packaging

Color is the first thing your customers will notice. The right colors can entice a customer to buy or recommend your product to a friend.

The colors you use on your packaging are your brand colors. Brand colors create loyalty and recognition, making customers pay attention to you first.

Dark colors exude power and elegance, while light colors tend to be softer and more relaxing. Dark colors make your brand recognized and trustworthy. Using lighter tones will make your design look airy and graceful.

Bright colors create a bright, cheerful sense of youthfulness and excitement. Use pastels if you want to be more carefree, innocent, or soothing. Choose bright colors if you want to attract attention and spur action.

Typography can be used to create a mood on a package

Typography can help set the right tone for messages from your brand. If you want your brand’s character to be professional, casual, or fun, you should choose the right typeface. The key to choosing the right font is to keep it simple. Using too many fonts can be confusing. If you use more than one font, use two contrasting styles.

Use quality packaging materials, they can convey a positive story about your product

Packaging material is your canvas and the foundation of your packaging design. Choose materials that are dense and durable. But also do not forget that the package should not be heavy and not too bright and loud.

Use templates that reflect your brand assets, not just your packaging

Custom templates will add a great element to your packaging design by adding interesting colors, shapes, and other design trends. They will effectively showcase your brand’s unique visual style. Use icons and symbols that simplify the story you’re telling. Icons are a simple tool in a designer’s toolbox. They offer visual cues about what the customer should do next. They have great power and are an effective way to quickly communicate complex ideas because they don’t require additional text or instructions.

Use a picture when you want to demonstrate product features

One picture is worth a thousand words. Packaging serves to protect your product but can disguise the product itself inside the box. Customers may have specific questions about how your product looks or functions. This is where a picture of the product comes in. If your product is securely hidden inside the box, customers will be able to learn about the appearance of your product from the photo on it.

Remember, your packaging should not only be beautiful but also functional. When designing your product packaging, remember that your packaging helps protect your product. At the same time, using the right colors, typography, text, and visuals will add an extra wow factor and make your packaging really special.

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What types of website animations are trending

To be popular and trendy in web development, you need to be on-trend. In this article, we collected the most unusual trends in web animation and animated graphics.

Animated website background

You can show an animated story of your brand in a background format. It’s a very cool idea to show the process of creating your product or to show the story and benefit of the product to the customer. Once on your website, with a background animated story, the customer can become part of your brand and become attached to it.

Animated company logo

Animated company logos are now at the peak of popularity. With different visual effects, such as an expanding logo or a logo with 3D animation, you can draw more attention to your company. A logo is the first thing a visitor to your website is introduced to. With a cool logo, you can capture your brand in the minds of your website’s customers for a long time.

Liquid and smooth block animation

Calm, undulating movements of block elements or backgrounds on the site as ebbs and flows add style and interactivity to the site.

Typography and movement

To accentuate your brand name, or your offer, web designers offer kinetic typography, moving text. This is an innovative method of maximizing attention to the text and its meaning. Many well-known brands have been using this method for a long time, and it still hasn’t lost its relevance.

Animation is a trend in recent years in web design. Don’t be afraid to experiment with animation and design to create more immersive digital products.

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Catastrophic mistakes by translators with serious consequences

The translation is a demanding job that requires precision and competence. If you are negligent about translation, a mistake can lead to disaster.

We have been working with translations for many years, and we have studied the most serious mistakes in the history of mankind. We want to tell you the most interesting stories of translation mistakes that have had disastrous consequences:

A mistranslation can leave you disabled for life

The story happened in the States with a Spanish family. The mother came to visit a boy who lived in the United States. She did not speak English well. At home, the young man felt sick, dizzy, and in sharp pain. He lost consciousness and did not regain consciousness for many hours. The mother, frightened, called an ambulance, and when the ambulance arrived, she assumed that her son had been poisoned because he had dined at a cafe before. She explained to the EMT that her son had been poisoned, which in Spanish sounds like “intoxicado.
In English, ‘intoxicated’ means an overdose of alcohol and drugs. The doctor thought the teenager had overdosed and the hospital treated him for an overdose. But as it later turned out, he had a hemorrhagic stroke, a brain hemorrhage.
Instead of being treated for a stroke, the teen was treated for an overdose. The stroke turned into total body paralysis.
It turns out that because of one mistranslated word, the man was left disabled for life. By the way, the family received a large compensation of 71 million dollars.

Incorrect translation of a phrase can cause a war between nations

At the height of the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States in 1956, there was a translation error that could have caused a war.
During Nikita Khrushchev’s speech at the Polish embassy, he used an idiomatic expression:
‘Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will bury you.’
In this phrase, Khrushchev interpreted Marx’s thesis that ‘the proletariat is the gravedigger of capitalism,’ but the translator translated the phrase word for word, which caused an international scandal.
All American magazines printed Khrushchev’s phrase, ‘We will bury you!’ If the translator had not mistakenly translated it as ‘We shall be present at your funeral’ or ‘We shall outlive you’, the scandal would have been avoided.
Khrushchev apologized for his phrasing and said that he had not meant to dig a literal grave.
All the same, Khrushchev’s manner of speaking remained the same, in 1959 he wanted to show the USA ‘Kuzka’s mother’, the translator translated as: ‘we shall show you Kuzka’s mother’. The U.S. assumed that it was about the new nuclear bomb of the USSR.

The cause of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

The cause of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is generally considered to be a terrible mistake by the interpreter. After 1945, after the Potsdam Conference, demands were made to the Japanese Empire to surrender immediately, if they refused, they would be destroyed.

A few days later, Minister Kantaro Suzuki said:

I believe that the joint declaration is essentially the same as the earlier declarations. The Japanese parliament does not consider it to have any special significance. We are simply mokusatsu suru. The only alternative for us is to continue our struggle to the end.

Mokusatsu means ‘not to give importance,’ ‘to remain silent. Suzuki said Japan would remain silent. But in English it was translated as ‘we ignore that.

After this response, the decision was made to scare the Japanese with an atomic bomb. On August 6, a 15 kiloton bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, and on August 9, a 21 kiloton bomb was dropped on Nagasaki.

Working with translation is a very difficult and responsible job. Learn your languages correctly!

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How not to set up SEO for your website

Collected a list of bad SEO techniques that are worth excluding:

Keywords – no longer work. Search engines no longer rank your page based on keywords. Instead of cramming in masses of unnecessary keywords, it’s worth paying attention to creating sub-topics and related ideas and structuring your content by extracting all the semantically related information and context around the topic.

Spamming in the form of a comment that links to your resource. This is a bad tactic to advertise your website, blog, store, landing page, and other products. Every day new plugins are created that can be used to block spam comments on your site. Almost every self-respecting website owner has such a plugin. Therefore, this method of promotion is no longer relevant.

Poor UX, uncomfortable user interface. You should not skimp on setting up a good UX. Check whether your site is adapted to cell phones and tablets, pay attention to good design and comfortable arrangement of buttons and pages, and other little things that may be inconvenient for the user, and because of this search engine will not rank your site well.

Plagiarizing content from another source. This is a bad method of promoting a site. Search engines do not rank for duplicate content. It may be a problem to use teasers for the blog, it is better to leave just the titles or use canonical tags.

Large and intrusive full-screen ads. On cell phones, they cause wild anger. Most users of your site, out of it right after trying to get on a small cross. The search engine will count that as a page abandonment, remember it, and your site will rank worse.

I am researching this issue further, but I can already see that promotion methods are changing very quickly. Finding a good and erudite SEO specialist is difficult, as there is always a price-quality issue. I study the market on my own and conclude.

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How to properly survey current customers about your product, service and get useful feedback

Gathering feedback about your product or your service is very important.
Understanding your customer through feedback will help you look at your work from the outside and make an assessment, which will further help increase the number of consumers of your services.

The moment you decide to buy a product, everyone looks at reviews.
Remember, there can never be too many reviews.
You don’t have to feverishly devote all your energy to pulling reviews out of your customers, even though they are the main trigger in making a purchase decision.

The purpose of a review of your product is to eliminate a potential customer’s objection.
The right review will help increase the value of the product.
Remember, not all people know how to write reviews correctly, and not everyone can speak impressively on camera. And it’s important to remember that all customers like gifts and nice little things.

What you need to do to get a good review from a client:

You need to prepare standard questions, the answers to which will reveal all the information about your product.
The answers to your questions should address the customer’s pain of buying your product specifically.
Prepare questions whose answers can close 99% of your customers’ standard objections.
You can take care of the gift a customer will receive for a helpful review.
A good review is your valuable case, don’t be stingy with gratitude.
Writing a review, or recording it on camera is difficult for anyone.
Writing and writing a useful review takes some time, not every client will agree to it.
To get feedback from the client, you can send a form after the purchase, with easy questions, after answering which a special service will form a full-fledged review from them.

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What’s the right way for business owners to delegate tasks to outsourcing

Most business owners do almost all of their tasks themselves, overwhelming themselves with a large amount of work. It makes sense at some point to ask for help. You can outsource jobs like accounting, HR management, project creation, or consulting and marketing campaigns. With outsourcing, you can delegate tasks to employees. There is a difference between outsourcing and delegating. Outsourced work is subcontracted to another company, while delegated work is done within your own business. To relieve yourself of routine tasks and focus on growing your business with increased income, you need to learn how to delegate and outsource your tasks.

Learn to trust others

Some entrepreneurs hold on to their tasks because they are worried that someone will do them wrong and have to redo everything or look for a new performer in a hurry. It can be difficult at first, but it is realistic to find people or a company that can complete your tasks and solves your cases.

Your time is your money

Calculate how much your time is worth and how much you can earn if you outsource everything. By unloading yourself, you can spend your free time on new ideas or finding a new customer, buyer, or investor.

Professions that are easy to delegate

You should not outsource or delegate work that takes away control of your business. You can outsource your website design to someone with experience, social media marketing, content creation, technical support, customer service, shipping, and others.

By outsourcing these jobs, you can make your life less stressful.

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Why you shouldn’t pay just anyone for online advertising

By the end of 2020, online services have peaked. Everyone decided to get into the business of providing marketing, advertising, information, and other services. Choosing a competent SMM specialist proved to be a difficult process.

It is clear to everyone that by choosing a named company, be prepared for a high price tag. But the small business at the start-up, can not afford the expensive SMM specialists. Therefore, looking for cheap performers who promise a large influx of traffic to your product. But, as a rule, the leads come, but the sales standstill. It is worth eliminating such risks.

If the company will really set up ads and bring live clicks to your site, you need to be prepared to pay from 200 euro/month. Anything less than this cost is usually just clicked from bots, or live people for 10 rubles in the Telegram channel. There was a case where the advertising for $ 1000 for a month gave the yield of only 20%, the remaining 80% of those who came to the site, left without buying anything.

In general, if you invest in contextual advertising, it is worth spending time and more money on real targeters, exclude buying a cat in a poke.

The marketing company is a time-consuming process, which includes analytics, audit, drawing up a marketing campaign, the selection of tools suitable for your business. The advertising company starts after all these data is collected according to the marketing plan made in advance.

You should contact companies that value the successful sales of their clients.

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Checklist for text validation


  • how will the text improve the reader’s life?
  • what problem can it solve?
  • check the text by reading aloud
  • subheadings should be longer than ten paragraphs
  • replace evaluation with facts, stories
  • no corporate clichés
  • no verbosity
  • no vague
  • a picture on the subject

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When should I update my website?

6 tips on how often and when to update your website.

When there is a new idea that you can share on your website.
When there are a new product and service in the business.
The information on the website is no longer relevant to your business when the components of your product change.
Sometimes, when the company no longer exists. Temporarily or forever.
Your competitors are making their product sites much better than you, and you now don’t like your site and you want to redesign it.
You as the owner hate your website)

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